The Indian economy has undergone an extensive transformation in the last few years. The reform process initiated in 1991 has accelerated since 1999 with the liberalization of foreign investment laws, removal of...more


Cambodia aims to be the first Indochina country to join the WTO by 2003. Its 5% growth rate and still sizeable infusion of funding by bilateral and multilateral donors means both projects and financing packages are often...more

Laos has traditionally been the least explored country in Indochina for business and tourism. Futurelinks believes this is about to change.

Laos is the least populated but, in size, the middle
of the

Vietnam is the engine of growth driving the developing regional economic powerhouse, Indochina.
Its 82 million population is the highest among the wider Greater Mekong Subregion six countries,
as is its 90% literacy rate...more